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Package org.netbeans.api.visual.action

This package contains ActionFactory class which is factory of all built-in widget-actions provided by the library.


Interface Summary
AcceptProvider This interface controls an accept (drag & drop) action.
AlignWithMoveDecorator This interface decorates of a align-with move action.
AlignWithWidgetCollector This interface is used for collecting regions for which the moving widget has to be checked.
ConnectDecorator This interface decorates a connect action.
ConnectProvider This interface controls a connect action.
ContiguousSelectProvider Provides a logic for ContiguousSelectAction.
CycleFocusProvider This interface provides an ability for switching focus.
EditProvider This interface controls an edit action.
HoverProvider This interface controls hover action.
InplaceEditorProvider<C extends JComponent> This interface controls an in-place editor of an in-place editor action.
InplaceEditorProvider.EditorController This is an interface of editor action supplied to the methods in the provider.
InplaceEditorProvider.TypedEditorController This is an interface that extends EditorController for ability to query for invocation type.
MoveControlPointProvider This interface controls a move control point action.
MoveProvider This interface controls move action.
MoveStrategy This interfaces provides a movement strategy.
PopupMenuProvider This interface provides a popup menu.
ReconnectDecorator This interface decorates a reconnect action.
ReconnectProvider This interface controls a reconnect action.
RectangularSelectDecorator This interface decorates a rectangular select action.
RectangularSelectProvider This interface controls a rectangular select action.
ResizeControlPointResolver This interface is used by ResizeAction to resolve if and which control point is being dragged for particular resizing.
ResizeStrategy This interface provides a resizing strategy.
SelectProvider This interface controls a select action.
TextFieldInplaceEditor This is an inteface for text-field based in-place editor.
TwoStateHoverProvider This interface provides a two-state logic for a hover action.
WidgetAction This interface is defining an action that is usually assigned to a widget.
WidgetAction.WidgetEvent Represents an widget event.
WidgetAction.WidgetLocationEvent Represents an location event used for controlling mouse location.

Class Summary
ActionFactory The factory class of all built-in actions.
ContiguousSelectEvent Represents an event for ContiguousSelectEvent passed to ContiguousSelectProvider.
WidgetAction.Adapter An adapter of the widget action.
WidgetAction.Chain Represents a chain of widget actions.
WidgetAction.LockedAdapter An adapter of the widget action.
WidgetAction.State Represents a state of event processing.
WidgetAction.WidgetDropTargetDragEvent Represents a drop target drag event.
WidgetAction.WidgetDropTargetDropEvent Represents a drop target drop event.
WidgetAction.WidgetDropTargetEvent Represents a drop target event.
WidgetAction.WidgetFocusEvent Represents a focus event of a scene view.
WidgetAction.WidgetKeyEvent Represents a key event.
WidgetAction.WidgetMouseEvent Represents a mouse event.

Enum Summary
ConnectorState This enum is used in ConnectProvider and ReconnectProvider to hold a state of connector (acceptability and searching state).
ContiguousSelectEvent.SelectionType Defines a type of a selection.
InplaceEditorProvider.EditorInvocationType Represents a type of in-place editor action invocation.
InplaceEditorProvider.ExpansionDirection Represents possible directions for expansion of an editor component.
ResizeProvider.ControlPoint This enum represents a control point of a resize action.

Package org.netbeans.api.visual.action Description

This package contains ActionFactory class which is factory of all built-in widget-actions provided by the library.

Widget-actions are defined by WidgetAction interface. Also there is an adapter (WidgetAction.Adapter) and special lock-aware version (WidgetAction.LockedAdapter).

Factories requires various input parameter:

Built-in implementation of those interfaces can be found in ActionFactory class too.

org.netbeans.api.visual 2.17.1

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