org.netbeans.api.visual 2.17.1

Package org.netbeans.api.visual.widget

This package contains Widget class.


Interface Summary
Scene.SceneListener The scene listener which is notified about repainting, validating progress.
Widget.Dependency The dependency listener which is used for notifying dependent widgets, anchor, ...

Class Summary
BirdViewController This class controls a bird view created for a specific scene.
ComponentWidget This widget allows to use an AWT/Swing component in the scene.
ConnectionWidget This class represents a connection between two location.
ConvolveWidget The widget which applies a convolve filter to a graphics rendered by the children.
FreeConnectionWidget This class is an extension of the ConnectionWidget.
ImageWidget A widget representing image.
LabelWidget A widget representing a text.
LayerWidget The layer widget represents a transparent widget which functionality is similar to JGlassPane.
LevelOfDetailsWidget This is a widget with a level-of-details feature.
ResourceTable The ResourceTable is used to manage a widgets resource.
Scene The scene is a widget which also controls and represents whole rendered area.
ScrollWidget This a scroll widget similar to JScrollPane.
SeparatorWidget This is a separator widget.
SwingScrollWidget This is a scroll widget similar to JScrollPane.
Widget A scene is a tree of small building blocks called widgets and represented by this class.

Enum Summary
ConnectionWidget.RoutingPolicy This enum represents a policy which is used for re-routing control points of a ConnectionWidget.
EventProcessingType The enum represents allowed types of event processing the is used to process the Swing event coming from a view component and that should be delegated to widgets on the scene.
LabelWidget.Alignment The text alignment
LabelWidget.Orientation The text orientation
LabelWidget.VerticalAlignment The text vertical alignment
SeparatorWidget.Orientation The separator orientation

Package org.netbeans.api.visual.widget Description

This package contains Widget class. Widget is a small reusable piece of a scene. This defines appearance. Widgets can also has widget-actions assigned. This defines behaviour.

The package contains a set of low-level widgets. E.g.:

org.netbeans.api.visual 2.17.1

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