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UI Utilities API


UI Utilities API
org.openide.awt A set of utility classes pertaining to the visual appearance of NetBeans.


API/SPI for UI related aspects of application.

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Use Cases

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Exported Interfaces

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Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
org.openide.awtExportedOfficial .../org/openide/awt/package-summary.html

Group of property interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?



Status text set in
StatusDisplayer is by default shown in status line of NetBeans and is hidden after specified timeout. If not overriden by this property it is done after 5000ms. O means that the last text will be shown and not removed.

Group of logger interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

There is a special support for notifying when an action wrapped by
Actions bridge is invoked and how. The support is using Logger.getLogger("org.netbeans.ui.actions") and sents a LogRecord with message UI_ACTION_BUTTON_PRESS, FINER level and paramerters:
  • {0} instance of the button
  • {1} class of the button
  • {2} instance of the action
  • {3} class of the action
  • {4} display name of the action
whenever such action is invoked. This message can then be consumed by enhanced UI logger that track what the user is going.

Group of lookup interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

Objects implementing ButtonActionConnector are looked up. Only the first instance found in the loookup is used to provide an alternative implementation of connection between Actions and GUI components. If there isn't one in the lookup the default implementation is used (it means there does not have to be one).

Implementation Details

Where are the sources for the module?

The sources for the module are in the NetBeans Mercurial repositories.

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org.openide.awt 7.3.1

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