Most parts of NetBeans do not manipulate windows directly, but use special top components.


Interface Summary
CloneableOpenSupport.Env Abstract interface that is used by CloneableOpenSupport to talk to outside world.
Mode Instances of this interface represent places or containers which TopComponent has to be added to in order to be managed by window system.
TopComponent.Cloneable Each top component that wishes to be cloned should implement this interface, so CloneAction can check it and call the cloneComponent method.
TopComponent.Registry Registry of all top components.
TopComponentGroup Represents window group.
WindowManager.Component Deprecated. Do not use anymore.
Workspace Deprecated. Do not use any more.

Class Summary
CloneableOpenSupport Simple support for an openable objects.
CloneableTopComponent A top component which may be cloned.
CloneableTopComponent.Ref Keeps track of a group of sister clones.
ExternalDropHandler When an implementation of this class is available in the global Lookup and an object is being dragged over some parts of the main window of the IDE then the window system may call methods of this class to decide whether it can accept or reject the drag operation.
TopComponent Embeddable visual component to be displayed in NetBeans.
TopComponent.NodeName Deprecated. Please do not use.
WindowManager Manages window system.

Package Description

Most parts of NetBeans do not manipulate windows directly, but use special top components.

The Window System API provides the ability for modules to create window-like components which can, among other things:

  1. Be docked as tabs into a container window.
  2. Provide popup menus in their window icon or tab.
  3. Handle activation and node selections.
  4. Provide the ability to be cloned, and the clones monitored. 6.24.1

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