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Interface DynamicMenuContent

All Known Implementing Classes:
Actions.MenuItem, Actions.SubMenu, JInlineMenu

public interface DynamicMenuContent

Dynamic result of a Presenter.Menu or Presenter.Popup. If the presenters return an instance of DynamicMenuContent, then the framework code will use it's methods to populate the menu and keep it uptodate.

org.openide.awt 6.5

Field Summary
          Marker for actions which should be hidden rather than merely disabled.
Method Summary
 JComponent[] getMenuPresenters()
          Create main menu/popup menuitems.
 JComponent[] synchMenuPresenters(JComponent[] items)
          update main menu presenters.

Field Detail


static final String HIDE_WHEN_DISABLED
Marker for actions which should be hidden rather than merely disabled. Utilities.actionsToPopup(Action[],Lookup) will skip over any disabled actions which have this property set to true, unless they implement Presenter.Popup. This is a convenient way to make context menu items disappear when disabled; for more complex cases you still need to have a popup presenter with dynamic menu content.

org.openide.awt 7.22
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Method Detail


JComponent[] getMenuPresenters()
Create main menu/popup menuitems. Null values will be later replaced by JSeparators. This method is called for popups and for menus. It's called each time a popup menu is contructed and just once for the main menu. Main menu updates happen through the synchMenuPresenters() method. If you want different behaviour for menu and popup, use a different implementation returned by Presenter.Popup and Presenter.Menu.


JComponent[] synchMenuPresenters(JComponent[] items)
update main menu presenters. This method is called only by the main menu processing.

items - the previously used menuitems returned by previous call to getMenuPresenters() or synchMenuPresenters()
a new set of items to show in menu. Can be either an updated old set of instances or a completely new one.

org.openide.awt 7.39.1

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