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org.netbeans.modules.project.ant/1 1.92
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icon(Icon) - Method in class
Configures a regular icon for the source root, optional.
includes(String) - Method in class
Configures optional include list.
inParts(String...) - Method in class
Declares that the source root resides in some (hierarchical) project part.
isExpected() - Method in class
Check whether the change was produced by calling methods on AntProjectHelper or whether it represents a change detected on disk.
isReferenced(AntArtifact, URI) - Method in class
Tests whether reference for artifact's location was already created by ReferenceHelper.addReference(AntArtifact, URI) for this project or not.
isSharableProject() - Method in class
Is this project shared with other or not, that is is it using shrared libraries or not.
isUsablePropertyName(String) - Static method in class
Checks whether the name is usable as Ant property name.
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org.netbeans.modules.project.ant/1 1.92