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OpenIDE-Module-Module-Dependencies: org.netbeans.swing.outline > 1.20

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ETable and Outline APIs

A protected checkAt() method added to Outline

Feb 1 '13; API spec. version: 1.25; affected top-level classes: Outline; made by: mentlicher; issues: #223021

Outline has a checkAt() method to perform a selection/deselection of a check box on the given row and column.

RowMapping is enhanced to cache the transformed value.

Jan 2 '12; API spec. version: 1.19; affected top-level classes: ETable; made by: mentlicher; issues: #205828
In order to make the row sorting faster and more robust, RowMapping class is enhanced to cache the transformed value from the requested column. A new constructor with ETable argument and method getTransformedValue(int) are added. It prevents from altering of the values during the sorting process.

Allow more detailed customization of whether popup menu or dialog is displayed to select visible columns.

Nov 8 '11; API spec. version: 1.17; affected top-level classes: ETable; made by: mentlicher; issues: #200991

Added enumeration ETable.ColumnSelection and methods: ETable.setColumnSelectionOn(int mouseButton, ColumnSelection selection, ETable.getColumnSelectionOn(int mouseButton) and ETable.showColumnSelectionDialog().

Add a way to clean all columns from the column model, including hidden ones.

Mar 3 '11; API spec. version: 1.12; affected top-level classes: ETableColumnModel; made by: mentlicher; issues: #195226

Added ETableColumnModel.clean() method.

Ability to listen on changes of Quick Filter

Mar 2 '11; API spec. version: 1.13; affected top-level classes: ETable; made by: jtulach; issues: #195883

New property PROP_QUICK_FILTER is fired when quick filter is changed.

Add a support for rendering of check-boxes in the tree column.

Mar 8 '09; API spec. version: 1.4; affected top-level classes: CheckRenderDataProvider; made by: mentlicher; issues: #159546

Added CheckRenderDataProvider interface.

Possibility to define comparator for sorting the rows

Jan 15 '09; API spec. version: 1.3; affected top-level classes: ETableColumn; made by: jrechtacek; issues: #86793

Added methods setNestedComparator(Comparator c) and getNestedComparator () to allow to define own java.util.Comparator for for sorting the rows belonging to same parent.

Allow persist column sorting

Jan 9 '09; API spec. version: 1.3; affected top-level classes: ETableColumn ETableColumnModel; made by: jrechtacek; issues: #151294

Added methods setSorted(int rank, boolean ascending), setSortRank(int newRank), setAscending(boolean ascending) and setColumnSorted(ETableColumn etc, boolean ascending, int newRank) to allow persist column sorting.

Add an option to turn column hiding off.

Jul 17 '08; API spec. version: 1.1; affected top-level classes: ETable; made by: saubrecht

Added method setColumnHidingAllowed(boolean) to turn column hiding on/off.

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