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org.openide.util 9.33
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MapFormat - Class in org.openide.util
A text format similar to MessageFormat but using string rather than numeric keys.
MapFormat(Map<String, ?>) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.MapFormat
Mutex - Class in org.openide.util
Read-many/write-one lock.
Mutex(MutexImplementation) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Mutex
Creates Mutex with given SPI.
Mutex(Object) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Mutex
Mutex() - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Mutex
Default constructor.
Mutex(Mutex.Privileged) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Mutex
Mutex(Mutex.Privileged, Executor) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Mutex
Constructor for those who wish to do some custom additional tasks whenever an action or runnable is executed in the Mutex.
Mutex.Action<T> - Interface in org.openide.util
Action to be executed in a mutex without throwing any checked exceptions.
Mutex.ExceptionAction<T> - Interface in org.openide.util
Action to be executed in a mutex, possibly throwing checked exceptions.
Mutex.Privileged - Class in org.openide.util
Provides access to Mutex's internal methods.
MutexEventProvider - Interface in org.openide.util.spi
Provides implementation of Mutex.EVENT.
MutexException - Exception in org.openide.util
Encapsulates other exceptions thrown from a mutex method.
MutexException(Exception) - Constructor for exception org.openide.util.MutexException
Create an encapsulated exception.
MutexImplementation - Interface in org.openide.util.spi
SPI for Mutex.
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org.openide.util 9.33