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org.netbeans.modules.editor.mimelookup/1 1.45
C E G I L M O P S T V 


MimeDataProvider - Interface in org.netbeans.spi.editor.mimelookup
Provides a Lookup for the specific MimePath.
MimeLocation - Annotation Type in org.netbeans.spi.editor.mimelookup
Should be used for services that are to be registered to the MimeLookup and that need a specific subfolder to be used for the registration (optional, mime-type root will be searched if this annotation is missing)
MimeLookup - Class in org.netbeans.api.editor.mimelookup
Mime Lookup provides lookup mechanism for mime type specific objects.
MimeLookupInitializer - Interface in org.netbeans.spi.editor.mimelookup
Use MimeDataProvider instead.
MimePath - Class in org.netbeans.api.editor.mimelookup
The mime path is a concatenation of one or more mime types.
MimeRegistration - Annotation Type in org.netbeans.api.editor.mimelookup
Register an implementation of a service to the mime lookup under given mime-type.
MimeRegistrations - Annotation Type in org.netbeans.api.editor.mimelookup
Allows to specify more that one MimeRegistration for one element.
C E G I L M O P S T V 
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org.netbeans.modules.editor.mimelookup/1 1.45