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performSharabilityHeuristics(URI, AntProjectHelper) - Method in class
Takes a classpath root and tries to figure the best way to reference that file for that particular project.
PreferredProjectPlatform - Class in
Returns a preferred JavaPlatform for a new project.
ProjectClassPathExtender - Interface in
ProjectClassPathModifier - Class in
An API for project's classpaths modification.
ProjectClassPathModifierImplementation - Class in
An SPI for project's classpaths modification.
ProjectClassPathModifierImplementation() - Constructor for class
ProjectClassPathSupport - Class in
ProjectClassPathSupport is a support class for creating classpath based on the list of ant properties.
ProjectModulesModifier - Interface in
Allows to update the module declaration in projects which support JDK9.
ProjectPlatform - Class in
A factory for transient JavaPlatform defined within a project.
provideModularClasspath(FileObject, String) - Method in interface
Translates the classpath type into a proper modular one, if necessary.
A C E F G J L O P R S 
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