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What do the Dates Mean?

The supplied dates indicate when the API change was made, on the CVS trunk. From this you can generally tell whether the change should be present in a given build or not; for trunk builds, simply whether it was made before or after the change; for builds on a stabilization branch, whether the branch was made before or after the given date. In some cases corresponding API changes have been made both in the trunk and in an in-progress stabilization branch, if they were needed for a bug fix; this ought to be marked in this list.

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Not all deprecations are listed here, assuming that the deprecated APIs continue to essentially work. For a full deprecation list, please consult the Javadoc.

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These API specification versions may be used to indicate that a module requires a certain API feature in order to function. For example, if you see here a feature you need which is labelled 1.20, your manifest should contain in its main attributes the line:

OpenIDE-Module-Module-Dependencies: org.netbeans.modules.editor.codetemplates/1 > 1.20

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Details of all changes by API and date

Editor Code Templates API

Added ordering for code template parameters.

Aug 15 '16; API spec. version: 1.43; affected top-level classes: CodeTemplateParameter; made by: markiewb; issues: #181703
The ordering attribute defines the sequence in which placeholders arecompleted. Use 0 for the first element, 1 for the second... Placeholders without ordering information will be placed after the last placeholder with ordering information.
Example of ordering of parameters :
                     // paramC comes first, then paramB, then paramA
                     ${paramA} ${paramB ordering=2} ${paramC ordering=1}

Added CodeTemplateFilter.ContextBasedFactory.

May 3 '13; API spec. version: 1.34; affected top-level classes: CodeTemplateFilter; made by: dbalek; issues: #160771
Added interface CodeTemplateFilter.ContextBasedFactory with the getSupportedContexts() method as an extension to the exisitng CodeTemplateFilter.Factory that allows for specifying all the possible context values valid for the given language (supported by the particular CodeTemplateFilters that the factory creates).

Editor Code Templates API created

Jul 27 '05; API spec. version: 1.0; made by: mmetelka; issues: #35573

Editor Code Templates API was created.