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org.openide.awt 7.78
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open() - Method in interface org.netbeans.api.actions.Openable
Invokes the open action.
Openable - Interface in org.netbeans.api.actions
A context interface representing ability of an object to be opened.
openCheckForUpdatesWizard(boolean) - Method in interface org.openide.awt.CheckForUpdatesProvider
Opens a wizard for installation of updates if found some available.
org.netbeans.api.actions - package org.netbeans.api.actions
Context Interfaces are a design pattern used to add behaviors to existing objects or to separate implementation from the main object.
org.netbeans.spi.actions - package org.netbeans.spi.actions
Contains support classes for easier implementation of Context Interfaces.
org.openide.awt - package org.openide.awt
A set of utility classes pertaining to the visual appearance of NetBeans.
orientation - Variable in class org.openide.awt.SpinButton
Current orientation of SpinButton.
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org.openide.awt 7.78