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org.openide.nodes 7.55
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EditCookie - Interface in org.openide.cookies
Cookie permitting objects to be edited.
EMPTY - Static variable in class org.openide.nodes.Node
An empty leaf node.
enable(Node[]) - Method in class org.openide.util.actions.CookieAction
Test for enablement based on the cookies of selected nodes.
enable(Node[]) - Method in class org.openide.util.actions.NodeAction
Test whether the action should be enabled based on the currently activated nodes.
enableDelegation(int) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.FilterNode
Enable delegation of a set of methods.
equals(Object) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.FilterNode
Test equality of original nodes.
equals(Object) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node
Compares for equality.
equals(Object) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.IndexedProperty
equals(Object) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.Property
equals(Object) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.PropertySet
Event(Node, ConnectionCookie.Type) - Constructor for class org.openide.cookies.ConnectionCookie.Event
exchange(int, int) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Index.ArrayChildren
exchange(int, int) - Method in interface org.openide.nodes.Index
Exchange two elements.
exchange(int, int) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Index.Support
expert - Variable in class org.openide.nodes.BeanNode.Descriptor
Expert properties.
EXPERT - Static variable in class org.openide.nodes.Sheet
Name for expert Bean property set.
explore(Node) - Method in class org.openide.nodes.NodeOperation
Explore a node (and its subhierarchy).
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org.openide.nodes 7.55