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org.openide.nodes 7.55
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hasCustomizer() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.AbstractNode
Does this node have a customizer?
hasCustomizer() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.BeanNode
hasCustomizer() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.FilterNode
hasCustomizer() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.IndexedNode
hasCustomizer() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node
Test whether there is a customizer for this node.
hashCode() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.FilterNode
Hash by original nodes.
hashCode() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node
hashCode() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.IndexedProperty
hashCode() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.Property
hashCode() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node.PropertySet
hasPropertyChangeListener() - Method in class org.openide.nodes.Node
Allows to figure out, whether the node has any PropertyChangeListeners attached.
hidden - Variable in class org.openide.nodes.BeanNode.Descriptor
Hidden properties.
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org.openide.nodes 7.55