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scrollTo() - Method in class
Scroll to this position.
scrollTo(IO, WRITER, POS) - Method in interface
Scroll to a position.
setDescription(String) - Method in class
Set description of this I/O instance.
setExpanded(boolean) - Method in class
Set fold expansion state.
setFoldExpanded(IO, WRITER, FOLD, boolean) - Method in interface
Expand or collapse a fold.
setIODescription(IO, String) - Method in interface
Set description of an I/O instance.
show() - Method in class
Show this I/O if possible (e.g.
show(Set<ShowOperation>) - Method in class
Show this I/O if possible (e.g.
showIO(IO, Set<ShowOperation>) - Method in interface
Show output pane for the passed I/O instance.
ShowOperation - Enum in
Operations that should take part when showing a component.
startFold(boolean) - Method in class
Start a new fold.
startFold(IO, WRITER, boolean) - Method in interface
Start fold at the current position.
success() - Static method in class
Success text color.
C D E F G H I O P R S V W 
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