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ignoreListOptionPanel - Variable in class
isAllFilesInfoDisplayed() - Method in class
Tell whether gray (all files) text is currently displayed.
isApplicable() - Method in class
Is this search scope applicable at the moment? For example, search scope of all open projects is not applicable if there is no open project.
isEnabled() - Method in class
Tells whether this search provider is enabled.
isFileNameRegExp() - Method in class
isMatchCase() - Method in class
isPreserveCase() - Method in class
isRegExp() - Method in class
isRegexp() - Method in class
isRegularExpression() - Method in class
Tells whether the contained expression should be interpreted as a simple pattern or a regular expression pattern.
isRelevantNode(Node) - Method in class
Method that checks whether a node should be selected when Next or Previous button is pressed.
isReplaceSupported() - Method in class
If replace is supported, this dialog will be shown in replace dialog.
isReplacing() - Method in class
Get replace mode.
isSearchInArchives() - Method in class
isSearchInArchives() - Method in class
State of checkbox for enabling searching in archives.
isSearchInGenerated() - Method in class
isSearchInGenerated() - Method in class
State of checkbox for enabling searching in generated sources.
isTerminated() - Method in class
Tells whether the search has been terminated.
isUsable(NotificationLineSupport) - Method in class
Test that the current settings specified in associated form are usable for searching.
isUseIgnoreList() - Method in class
State of checkbox for using ignore list.
isWholeWords() - Method in class
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