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toFront() - Method in class
Attempts to bring the parent Window or Frame of this TopComponent to front of other windows.
TopComponent - Class in
Embeddable visual component to be displayed in NetBeans.
TopComponent() - Constructor for class
Create a top component.
TopComponent(Lookup) - Constructor for class
Creates a top component for a provided lookup that will delegate take and synchronize activated nodes and ActionMap from a provided lookup.
TopComponent.Cloneable - Interface in
Each top component that wishes to be cloned should implement this interface, so CloneAction can check it and call the cloneComponent method.
TopComponent.Description - Annotation Type in
Provides basic information about the persistence of a TopComponent.
TopComponent.NodeName - Class in
Please do not use. This support class does nothing much useful. If you need to synchronize display name of your TopComponent with some Node's display name, we recommend you to do it manually in your client's code.
TopComponent.OpenActionRegistration - Annotation Type in
Creates an action that can open the component.
TopComponent.Registration - Annotation Type in
Registers TopComponent into specified location among existing window system modes.
TopComponent.Registry - Interface in
Registry of all top components.
TopComponent.SubComponent - Class in
Representation of a visual sub-component displayed in a TopComponent, for example sub-tabs in a multiview window.
topComponentActivatedNodesChanged(TopComponent, Node[]) - Method in class
Informs about change of activated nodes of specified TopComponent.
topComponentAttentionHighlight(TopComponent, boolean) - Method in class
Highlights the tab of the given TopComponent until user activates it.
topComponentCancelRequestAttention(TopComponent) - Method in class
Stop this TopComponent's tab from flashing if it is flashing.
topComponentClose(TopComponent) - Method in class
Provides closing of specified TopComponent.
topComponentDefaultActions(TopComponent) - Method in class
Gets default list of actions which appear in popup menu of TopComponent.
topComponentDisplayNameChanged(TopComponent, String) - Method in class
Informs about change of display name of specified TopComponent.
topComponentGetTabPosition(TopComponent) - Method in class
Gives position index of given TopComponent in the mode.
TopComponentGroup - Interface in
Represents window group.
topComponentHtmlDisplayNameChanged(TopComponent, String) - Method in class
Informs about change of html display name of specified TopComponent.
topComponentIconChanged(TopComponent, Image) - Method in class
Informs about chagne of icon of specified TopComponent.
topComponentID(TopComponent, String) - Method in class
Returns unique ID for specified TopComponent.
topComponentIsOpened(TopComponent) - Method in class
Indicates whether specified TopComponent is opened.
topComponentMakeBusy(TopComponent, boolean) - Method in class
Notifies the user that some process is running in the given TopComponent, for example by drawing an animated "wait" icon in TopComponent's header.
The default implementation does nothing.
topComponentOpen(TopComponent) - Method in class
Provides opening of specified TopComponent.
topComponentOpenAtTabPosition(TopComponent, int) - Method in class
Opens given TopComponent at given position in the mode.
topComponentRequestActive(TopComponent) - Method in class
Provides activation of specified TopComponent.
topComponentRequestAttention(TopComponent) - Method in class
Cause this TopComponent's tab to flash or otherwise draw the users' attention to it.
topComponentRequestVisible(TopComponent) - Method in class
Provides selection of specfied TopComponent.
topComponentToFront(TopComponent) - Method in class
Attempts to bring the parent Window of the given TopComponent to front of other windows.
topComponentToolTipChanged(TopComponent, String) - Method in class
Informs about change of tooltip of specified TopComponent.
toXml() - Method in interface
Generates the Mode configuration as XML.
toXml(Mode) - Static method in class
Expose the Mode's configuration as XML.
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