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setExcludePattern(String) - Method in class
Set the exclude pattern.
setIncludePattern(String) - Method in class
Set the include pattern.
setJarFile(String) - Method in class
setJavadocFile(String) - Method in class
setLastProjectSharable(boolean) - Static method in class
Setter for boolean value representing the state of library sharability of the last created project.
setRoots(File[]) - Method in class
Configure a set of root directories to which the includes and excludes apply.
setSourceFile(String) - Method in class
SharableLibrariesUtils - Class in
Utility methods related to sharable libraries UI.
SharableLibrariesUtils() - Constructor for class
showAlert() - Static method in class
showAlert(AntProjectHelper, ReferenceHelper, PropertyEvaluator, String[], String[]) - Static method in class
showCustomizer(AntProjectHelper, ReferenceHelper, String[], String[]) - Static method in class
showEditDialog(AntProjectHelper, EditJarSupport.Item) - Static method in class
Show dialog that allows to edit source and javadoc jar/folder locations for a given jar/folder on the classpath.
showMakeSharableWizard(AntProjectHelper, ReferenceHelper, List<String>, List<String>) - Static method in class
Show a multistep wizard for converting a non-sharable project to a sharable, self-contained one.
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