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org.netbeans.modules.project.ant/1 1.86


Principal package for implementing typical Ant-based projects.

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Package Description

Principal package for implementing typical Ant-based projects.

A typical project based on Ant follows a standard pattern of having a project folder containing:


A top-level editable build script.

various folders such as src

Development files.

various folders such as build

Build products. Not sharable in a VCS.


Main logic for the build; regenerated from nbproject/project.xml but sharable.


General project metadata, including a declaration of the type of project, its name, some structural parameters relating to the build, a list of subprojects, etc.


Sharable build configuration for the project.


Per-user (or per-checkout) project metadata, if any.


Per-user build configuration for the project.


Cache directory containing disposable files that might speed up various operations.

Note that since Ant is not aware of the NetBeans Filesystems API, all these files must be physically present on disk, not e.g. in an archive or remote filesystem.

There may also be a file named located in the NetBeans user directory which can supply additional definitions needed for a build: e.g. the locations of Java platforms and libraries. A typical build-impl.xml loads property definitions from this global properties file as well as the project's nbproject/ and nbproject/private/

The basic operations commonly performed on an Ant-based project are:

A new category of Ant-based project can be registered in the system by adding an implementation of AntBasedProjectType to the default lookup. This will get an instance of AntProjectHelper for every project it creates; the helper does a lot of the work required to interact with the file structure outlined above.

To run Ant targets, use ActionUtils.

ReferenceHelpers can also be created by an Ant-based project and used to manage references to subprojects and their artifacts in a high-level manner.

ProjectGenerator provides the easiest way to create a new Ant-based project on disk. Use GeneratedFilesHelper to make build scripts and ProjectXmlSavedHook to be told when to recreate them.

To allow third-party extensions to build scripts, use AntBuildExtenderImplementation and ant.AntBuildExtenderFactory.

EditableProperties is a VCS-friendly alternative to Properties. PropertyUtils also provides various methods for working with Ant concepts such as relative file paths, property substitution, etc.

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org.netbeans.modules.project.ant/1 1.86