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org.netbeans.spi.palette/1 1.67
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PaletteActions - Class in org.netbeans.spi.palette
An interface implemented by palette clients to provide custom actions for popup menus and actions for import of new items.
PaletteActions() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.spi.palette.PaletteActions
PaletteController - Class in org.netbeans.spi.palette
PaletteController provides access to data in the palette.
PaletteFactory - Class in org.netbeans.spi.palette
PaletteFactory creating new PaletteController instances.
PaletteFilter - Class in org.netbeans.spi.palette
A palette filter than can prevent some categories and/or items from being displayed in palette's window.
PaletteFilter() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.spi.palette.PaletteFilter
PaletteItemRegistration - Annotation Type in org.netbeans.spi.palette
Register a palette item.
PaletteItemRegistrations - Annotation Type in org.netbeans.spi.palette
May be uses to allow multiple PaletteItemRegistration at one place.
PaletteModule - Class in org.netbeans.spi.palette
Don't rely on presence of this class, its existence is a mere internal implementation detail, it should have never been part of the palette SPI.
PaletteModule() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.spi.palette.PaletteModule
Creates a new instance of ModuleInstall
PROP_SELECTED_ITEM - Static variable in class org.netbeans.spi.palette.PaletteController
Palette clients should listen to changes of this property if they want to notified when the selected item in palette has changed.
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org.netbeans.spi.palette/1 1.67