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uninstall(String, String, ProgressHandle) - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.autoupdate.CustomUninstaller
UpdateElement - Class in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
Instances provided by the UpdateUnit which represents specific version of update (e.g.
UpdateItem - Class in org.netbeans.spi.autoupdate
Represents a item of content provider by UpdateProvider.
UpdateLicense - Class in org.netbeans.spi.autoupdate
Represents License Agreement for usage in Autoupdate infrastructure.
UpdateManager - Class in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
The central manager of content available to users in Autoupdate UI.
UpdateManager.TYPE - Enum in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
UpdateProvider - Interface in org.netbeans.spi.autoupdate
UpdateProvider providers items for Autoupdate infrastructure.
UpdateUnit - Class in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
Instances provided by the UpdateManager which represents wrapper of UpdateElement.
UpdateUnitProvider - Class in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
UpdateUnitProvider providers UpdateUnit.
UpdateUnitProvider.CATEGORY - Enum in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
UpdateUnitProviderFactory - Class in org.netbeans.api.autoupdate
The factory handles UpdateUnitProvider, allow to create or removed them, browse the providers or refresh its content.
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