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org.openide.actions 6.63
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RedoAction - Class in org.openide.actions
Redo an edit.
RedoAction() - Constructor for class org.openide.actions.RedoAction
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in interface org.openide.actions.ToolsAction.Model
removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class org.openide.actions.ActionManager
Removes PropertyChangeListener from the list of listeners.
RenameAction - Class in org.openide.actions
Rename a node.
RenameAction() - Constructor for class org.openide.actions.RenameAction
ReorderAction - Class in org.openide.actions
Reorder items in a list with a dialog.
ReorderAction() - Constructor for class org.openide.actions.ReorderAction
ReplaceAction - Class in org.openide.actions
(Search-and-)replace (for example, in an Editor).
ReplaceAction() - Constructor for class org.openide.actions.ReplaceAction
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org.openide.actions 6.63