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org.netbeans.spi.navigator/1 1.39.1
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getComponent() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanel
JComponent representation of this view.
getContentType() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorLookupHint
Hint for content type that should be used in Navigator
getDisplayHint() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanel
Description of the view, explaining main purpose of the view.
getDisplayName() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanel
Name of the view which will be shown in navigator UI.
getLookup() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanel
Returns Lookup that will be integrated into Lookup of Navigator UI TopComponent.
getPanelsPolicy() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorLookupPanelsPolicy
Returns policy for available Navigator panels.
getSelectedPanel() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorDisplayer
getToolbarComponent() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanelWithToolbar
Returns a JComponent which represents panel toolbar.
getTopComponent() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorDisplayer
getUndoRedo() - Method in interface org.netbeans.spi.navigator.NavigatorPanelWithUndo
Returns instance of UndoRedo which will be propagated into Navigator TopComponent's getUndoRedo() when this panel is active.
A G L N O P R S 
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org.netbeans.spi.navigator/1 1.39.1

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