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org.openide.filesystems 9.12.1
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org.openide.filesystems - package org.openide.filesystems
NetBeans internally uses the concept of a virtual filesystem.
org.openide.filesystems.annotations - package org.openide.filesystems.annotations
Support for writing annotation processors which generate XML layer fragments.
org.openide.filesystems.spi - package org.openide.filesystems.spi
outputStream(String) - Method in interface org.openide.filesystems.AbstractFileSystem.Info
Get output stream.
outputStream(String) - Method in class org.openide.filesystems.JarFileSystem.Impl
outputStream(String) - Method in class org.openide.filesystems.JarFileSystem
outputStream(String) - Method in class org.openide.filesystems.LocalFileSystem.Impl
outputStream(String) - Method in class org.openide.filesystems.LocalFileSystem
outputStream(String) - Method in class org.openide.filesystems.XMLFileSystem.Impl
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org.openide.filesystems 9.12.1

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