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org.openide.nodes 7.47.1
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OpenCookie - Interface in org.openide.cookies
Cookie for opening an object.
org.openide.cookies - package org.openide.cookies
Cookies are a design pattern used to add behaviors to existing data object and nodes, or to separate implementation from the main object.
org.openide.nodes - package org.openide.nodes
NetBeans uses nodes to represent JavaBeans or other property containers, formed into a hierarchical tree.
org.openide.util.actions - package org.openide.util.actions
original - Variable in class org.openide.nodes.FilterNode.Children
Original node.
overlaps(ConnectionCookie.Type) - Method in interface org.openide.cookies.ConnectionCookie.Type
Test whether the specified type could be accepted by this type.
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org.openide.nodes 7.47.1

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