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This document lists changes made to the WebModule API.

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Fuller descriptions of all changes can be found below (follow links).

Not all deprecations are listed here, assuming that the deprecated APIs continue to essentially work. For a full deprecation list, please consult the Javadoc.

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These API specification versions may be used to indicate that a module requires a certain API feature in order to function. For example, if you see here a feature you need which is labelled 1.20, your manifest should contain in its main attributes the line:

OpenIDE-Module-Module-Dependencies: org.netbeans.api.web.webmodule > 1.20

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Details of all changes by API and date

Web Module API

Adding WebModuleExtender.Savable interface

Sep 26 '11; API spec. version: 1.26; made by:

Added interface WebModuleExtender.Savable for ability to save framework settings of already included extender after confirming project customizer.

Adding ability to listen on WebModuleImplementation2 changes

Sep 21 '09; API spec. version: 1.16; affected top-level classes: WebModuleImplementation2; made by: dkonecny; issues: #154944

Adding ability to listen on changes of document base or WEB-INF folder. WebModuleImplementation2 was introduced in this release so I'm taking advantage of it and adding requested methods.

Adding method requiresWebXml

Jul 1 '09; API spec. version: 1.15; made by:

New method requiresWebXml added. Framework specifies via this method if it reqires web.xml DD or not.

Making the WebModule API public

Sep 28 '07; API spec. version: 1.10; made by:; issues: #112441

Made the WebModule API public with the stability level "under development".

Deprecating WebFrameworkProvider.extend() and WebFrameworkProvider.getConfigurationPanel()

Sep 14 '07; API spec. version: 1.9; affected top-level classes: FrameworkConfigurationPanel WebFrameworkProvider WebModuleExtender; made by:

Deprecated methods WebFrameworkProvider.extend() and WebFrameworkProvider.getConfigurationPanel(). Class WebConfigurationPanel has been deprecated too.

Introduced a WebModuleExtender class and a WebModule.createWebModuleExtender() method returning it. This allows for better encapsulation of the web module extending process.

Deprecating WebModule.getJavaSources

Sep 14 '07; API spec. version: 1.9; affected top-level classes: WebModule; made by:

Deprecated WebModule.getJavaSources because its return value is not generic enough.

Adding WebFrameworkProvider.getServletPath()

Mar 8 '06; API spec. version: 1.5; affected top-level classes: WebFrameworkProvider; made by:

Added method WebFrameworkProvider.getServletPath() for obtaining the servlet path for a JSP.

Adding web framework support

Jul 28 '05; API spec. version: 1.4; affected top-level classes: WebFrameworks WebFrameworkProvider; made by:

There are some frameworks like Struts, JSF, Spring etc., which extend the web applications. This change introduces the concept of a web framework provider to the Web Module API/SPI which allows to implement supporting these frameworks.

Replace URLCookie with a RequestParametersQuery API and RequestParametersQueryImplementation SPI

Jan 27 '05; API spec. version: 1.2; affected top-level classes: org.netbeans.modules.web.api.webmodule.URLCookie RequestParametersQuery RequestParametersQueryImplementation; made by:

Node.Cookie should not be exposed in API. The URLCookie has been replaced with a query pattern with a corresponding SPI.