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org.netbeans.core.multitabs/1 1.27.0 1
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TabbedComponentFactoryImpl - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
TabbedComponentFactory that overrides the default implementation in module.
TabbedComponentFactoryImpl() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabbedComponentFactoryImpl
TabbedImpl - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
The default Tabbed implementation.
TabbedImpl(WinsysInfoForTabbedContainer, int) - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabbedImpl
TabContainer - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
Visual component that has a TabDisplayer component and the actual document tab components arranged in StackLayout.
TabDecorator - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
Register implementations of this class in global Lookup to adjust tab rendering.
TabDecorator() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabDecorator
TabDisplayer - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
Paints the tabs.
TabDisplayer(TabDataModel) - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabDisplayer
TabDisplayerFactory - Class in org.netbeans.core.multitabs
Factory to create TabDisplayer instances.
TabDisplayerFactory() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabDisplayerFactory
tabForCoordinate(Point) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabbedImpl
tabModel - Variable in class org.netbeans.core.multitabs.TabDisplayer
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org.netbeans.core.multitabs/1 1.27.0 1