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PacDateTimeInputException(String) - Constructor for exception
PacHelperMethods - Class in
Stub for PAC Helpers.
PacHelperMethods() - Constructor for class
PacHelperMethodsMicrosoft - Interface in
Microsoft's extensions to complement Netscape's original PAC script helper functions.
PacHelperMethodsNetscape - Interface in
Netscape's original PAC script helper functions.
PacJsEntryFunction - Enum in
Entry points for PAC script.
PacParsingException - Exception in
Thrown when there are syntactical errors in the PAC script.
PacParsingException(Exception) - Constructor for exception
PacParsingException(String, Exception) - Constructor for exception
PacParsingException(String) - Constructor for exception
PacScriptEvaluator - Interface in
PAC Script evaluator.
PacScriptEvaluatorFactory - Interface in
Creates PAC Script evaluator.
PacScriptEvaluatorNoProxy - Class in
PAC Script Evaluator which can be used as a last resort.
PacScriptEvaluatorNoProxy() - Constructor for class
PacUtils - Class in
Methods and constants useful in PAC script evaluation.
PacUtils() - Constructor for class
PacUtilsDateTime - Class in
Methods and constants useful in PAC script evaluation, specifically date/time related.
PacUtilsDateTime() - Constructor for class
PacUtilsDateTime.PacDateTimeInputException - Exception in
Validation errors on input to weekdayRange(), timeRange() and dateRange().
PacValidationException - Exception in
Thrown whenever there are errors in the evaluation of the result returned from the FindProxyForURL(url, host) function in the PAC JavaScript.
PacValidationException(String, String) - Constructor for exception
PacValidationException(String) - Constructor for exception
PRECOMPILED_GLOB_CACHE_MAX_ITEMS - Static variable in class
Size of the cache used for precompiled GLOBs.
put(K, V) - Method in class
Puts a value into the cache mapped to the specified key.
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