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dateRange(Object...) - Method in class
dateRange(Object...) - Method in interface
Tests if current date is within a date range.
DNS_TIMEOUT_MS - Static variable in class
Timeout (milliseconds) used for name service lookups.
dnsDomainIs(String, String) - Method in class
dnsDomainIs(String, String) - Method in interface
Returns true if the domain of hostname matches.
dnsDomainLevels(String) - Method in class
dnsDomainLevels(String) - Method in interface
Returns the number of DNS domain levels (number of dots) in the hostname.
dnsResolve(String) - Method in class
dnsResolve(String) - Method in interface
Resolves the given DNS hostname into an IPv4 address, and returns it in the dot separated format as a string.
dnsResolveEx(String) - Method in class
dnsResolveEx(String) - Method in interface
Resolves the given host name into its address or addresses.
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