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org.netbeans.core.startup/1 1.79.0
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cacheReady() - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.Splash
cli(CLIHandler.Args) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLICoreBridge
cli(CLIHandler.Args) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLIOptions
cli(String[]) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLIOptions
cli(CLIHandler.Args) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLITestModuleReload
cli(String[], InputStream, OutputStream, OutputStream, File) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.CoreBridge
CLICoreBridge - Class in org.netbeans.core.startup
Handler for core.jar options.
CLICoreBridge() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLICoreBridge
Create a default handler.
CLIOptions - Class in org.netbeans.core.startup
Handler for core options.
CLIOptions() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLIOptions
Create a default handler.
CLITestModuleReload - Class in org.netbeans.core.startup
Handles the --reload command-line option.
CLITestModuleReload() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.startup.CLITestModuleReload
close() - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.layers.SessionManager
Close session
ConsistencyVerifier - Class in org.netbeans.core.startup
Utility class permitting you to verify that a set of modules could be enabled together.
CoreBridge - Class in org.netbeans.core.startup
Interface to environment that the Module system needs around itself.
CoreBridge() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.core.startup.CoreBridge
create(String) - Static method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.layers.LayerCacheManager
Creates new cache manager for given cache location.
create(File, File, File[]) - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.layers.SessionManager
Initializes and creates new repository.
create(String, Attributes, Module) - Static method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.ManifestSection
Parse a manifest section and make an object representation of it.
createEmptyFileSystem() - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.layers.LayerCacheManager
Create an empty cache filesystem, i.e.
createInstance() - Method in class org.netbeans.core.startup.ManifestSection
Create a fresh instance.
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org.netbeans.core.startup/1 1.79.0