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NetBeans Architecture Answers for Java EE Server Registry module

Interfaces table

Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

The spi classes are to be subclassed by dev modules and to be provided as cookies on the development nodes. The api classes are to be used to add actions/properties/additional cookies to those nodes.


J2EE Server module serves as an integration point between two kinds of netbeans modules:
  • server plugins (or simply plugins) that integrate various J2EE servers in IDE
  • devmodules - netbeans modules that provide support for development of J2EE modules (web module, EJB module, J2EE Application, etc.) and need to deploy and debug them on J2EE servers.


NetBeans Open APIs


NetBeans Open APIs


NetBeans Loaders API


Schema2beans infrastructure

SettingAPIImportedOfficial .../index.html

Setting API



ProjectsAPIImportedUnder Development .../index.html

Projects API

JavaSupportAPIsImportedUnder Development../org-netbeans-api-java/index.html

Java Support APIs

ProjectLibrariesAPIImportedUnder Development .../index.html

Project Libraries API

J2EEEditorImportedThird party

For editing server specific deployment descriptors.

EJBImportedStandard .../communityprocess/final/jsr019/index.html

Enterprise JavaBeans API 2.0.

J2EEDeploymentAPIImportedStandard .../communityprocess/mrel/jsr088/index.html

J2EE Deployment API/JSR88. Part implemented by this module and used to communicate with server plugins and with devmodules.

Group of layer interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
PluginRegistrationExportedFriend .../api/doc-files/plugin-layer-file.html

XML layer contract for registration of server plugins and instances that implement optional capabilities of server plugins. Plugins with server-specific deployment decriptor files should declare the full list in XML layer as specified in the document plugin-layer-file.html from the above link.

Group of lookup interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document? Development .../SourceForBinaryQueryImplementation.html

Information about where Java sources corresponding to binaries can be found. Development .../JavadocForBinaryQueryImplementation.html

Information about where Javadocs corresponding to binaries can be found.

General Information

Project and platform dependencies


Compatibility with environment

Access to resources

Lookup of components

Execution Environment

Format of files and protocols

Performance and Scalability