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PackageModifierImplementation - Interface in
Provide API for manipulating with project packages.
parseSourcePathVariants(String) - Static method in class
Evaluates the module source path element to all variants.
performCompileOnSave(JavaActionProvider.Context, String[]) - Method in interface
performCompileOnSave(JavaActionProvider.Context, String[]) - Method in class
PLATFORM_ACTIVE - Static variable in class
Name of the property holding the active project platform.
PlatformFilter - Interface in
Platform filter is to be used in platform lists (e.g., in combo boxes).
PlatformUiSupport - Class in
Support class for JavaPlatform manipulation in project customizer.
ProjectConfigurations - Class in
Support for ProjectConfigurations in Ant based project.
ProjectConfigurations.Configuration - Class in
The ProjectConfiguration implementation.
ProjectConfigurations.ConfigurationProviderBuilder - Class in
ProjectHooks - Class in
Factory methods for creating ProjectXmlSavedHook implementations.
ProjectHooks.ProjectOpenedHookBuilder - Class in
The builder for default Ant project ProjectOpenedHook implementation.
ProjectHooks.ProjectXmlSavedHookBuilder - Class in
The builder for default Ant project ProjectXmlSavedHook implementation.
ProjectOperations - Class in
Support for default project operations for Ant based project.
ProjectOperations.Callback - Interface in
Callback for project operations.
ProjectOperations.Callback.Operation - Enum in
The type of project operation.
ProjectOperations.ProjectOperationsBuilder - Class in
The builder for projects operations.
ProjectPlatformProvider - Interface in
A provider of project's active JavaPlatform.
ProjectProblemsProviders - Class in
ProjectProperties - Class in
Helper class.
ProjectProperties() - Constructor for class
ProjectSharability - Interface in
Ability to verify whether the project is currently sharable, and if not to make it so.
ProjectUISupport - Class in
Misc project UI helper methods.
PROP_FILES - Static variable in class
PROP_LAST_USED_DIR - Static variable in class
PROP_PROJECT_PLATFORM - Static variable in interface
Name of the "projectPlatform" property.
PROP_ROOT_PROPERTIES - Static variable in class
Property name of a event that is fired when Ant project metadata change.
PROP_ROOTS - Static variable in class
Property name of a event that is fired when project properties change.
PROPERTY_RUN_SINGLE_ON_SERVER - Static variable in class
propertyBased(String[], String[], boolean, String, String) - Static method in class
Creates a source roots list which should be registered as principal and possibly typed roots.
PropertyEvaluatorProvider - Interface in
An optional interface which implementation can be provided in the project's PropertyEvaluator.
putModuleRoots(URL[], String[]) - Method in class
Replaces the current module roots by the given ones.
putPrimaryConfigurationData(Element, boolean) - Method in class
In the case that the project is of current version or shared is false it calls AntProjectHelper.putPrimaryConfigurationData(Element, boolean).
putProperties(String, EditableProperties) - Method in class
In the case that the project is of current version or the properties are not AntProjectHelper.PROJECT_PROPERTIES_PATH it calls AntProjectHelper.putProperties(String, EditableProperties) otherwise it asks to update project.
putRoots(URL[], String[]) - Method in class
Replaces the current roots by the given ones.
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