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org.netbeans.modules.jellytools.platform/3 3.54
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main(String[]) - Static method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.JellyVersion
Writes version of jellytools to standard output.
MainWindowOperator - Class in org.netbeans.jellytools
Handle NetBeans main window.
MainWindowOperator() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.jellytools.MainWindowOperator
Creates new instance of MainWindowOperator.
MainWindowOperator.StatusTextTracer - Class in org.netbeans.jellytools
Class to trace messages printed to status bar of the Main Window.
makeComponentVisible() - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.OutputTabOperator
Activates this output tab.
makeComponentVisible() - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.TopComponentOperator
Makes active window in which this top component resides (main window in joined mode) and then activates this top component to be in the foreground.
maximize() - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.MainWindowOperator
Maximize main window accounting native window manager task bars.
maximize() - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.TopComponentOperator
Maximizes this top component.
MaximizeWindowAction - Class in org.netbeans.jellytools.actions
Used to call "Maximize Window" popup menu item, "Window|Maximize Window" main menu item, shortcut or maximize window by IDE API.
MaximizeWindowAction() - Constructor for class org.netbeans.jellytools.actions.MaximizeWindowAction
Creates new instance of MaximizeWindowAction.
MENU - Static variable in class org.netbeans.jellytools.actions.PasteAction
MENU_MODE - Static variable in class org.netbeans.jellytools.actions.Action
through menu action performing mode
menuBar() - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.MainWindowOperator
Returns operator of main menu bar.
menuPath - Variable in class org.netbeans.jellytools.actions.Action
menu path of current action or null when MENU_MODE is not supported
MODE_NO_PROPERTIES - Static variable in class
"No Properties" property sheet.
"Properties of Multiple Objects" property sheet.
MODE_PROPERTIES_OF_ONE_OBJECT - Static variable in class
"Properties of" property sheet.
moveDown() - Method in class
clicks on "Move Down" JButton
moveMouse(ComponentOperator, int, int) - Method in class org.netbeans.jellytools.TreeTableOperator.RenderedMouseDriver
Moves mouse on operator given by getRealOperator() method.
moveUp() - Method in class
clicks on "Move Up" JButton
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org.netbeans.modules.jellytools.platform/3 3.54