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org.netbeans.modules.jumpto/1 1.75.0 1

Jump To
Under Development

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Jump To 
Package Description

This module provides access to Goto type, symbol, file, etc. dialog UI - via the JumpToAPI TypeBrowser Jump To API . The module also offers various JumpToSPI service provide interfaces .

What is New (see all changes)?

Use Cases

Open the GoTo dialog
Use TypeBrowser to open various versions of the GoTo dialog programatically.

Exported Interfaces

This table lists all of the module exported APIs with defined stability classifications. It is generated based on answers to questions about the architecture of the module. Read them all...
Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
JumpToAPIExportedUnder Development .../api/jumpto/type/TypeBrowser.html

TypeBrowser Jump To API

JumpToSPIExportedUnder Development .../spi/jumpto/support/package-summary.html

service provide interfaces

Implementation Details

Where are the sources for the module?

The sources for the module are in the Apache Git repositories or in the GitHub repositories.

What do other modules need to do to declare a dependency on this one, in addition to or instead of a plain module dependency?

XXX no answer for deploy-dependencies

Read more about the implementation in the answers to architecture questions.

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org.netbeans.modules.jumpto/1 1.75.0 1