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org.netbeans.modules.nbjunit/1 1.115

NB JUnit
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NB JUnit 
Package Description

Module contains NetBeans extension to JUnit. It provides classes and methods which allow one to verify performance, memory consumption, file output and other aspects of the IDE or applications built on the NetBeans Platform.

What is New (see all changes)?

Use Cases

Tests typically extends NbTestCase.

Exported Interfaces

This table lists all of the module exported APIs with defined stability classifications. It is generated based on answers to questions about the architecture of the module. Read them all...
Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

Group of systemproperty interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
nbjunit.diff.impl.CmdLineExportedUnder Development

used only when nbjunit.diff.impl is set to org.netbeans.junit.diff.NativeDiff class. This property contain command line, which is called from NativeDiff class to perform comparision. This property use also '%TESTFILE%' and '%PASSFILE%' variables understood by NbJUnit, which are replaced with real file names when running tests.

nbjunit.workdirExportedUnder Development

path to a directory, which is used as a root for tests' working directories (for details see JavaDoc for NbTestCase.getWorkDir()).


This property tries to influence the order of NbTestCase methods so it is more predicatable (see Order of elements for description of the problem). The acceptable values of the property are:
  • "natural" - use the methods as provided by JDK (e.g. quite random on JDK7)
  • "a-z" - sort the tests in ascending alphabetical order
  • "z-a" - sort the tests in descending alphabetical order
  • "shuffle" - randomize the order of the tests. If a test fails in this mode a seed is attached to the failure message, use it in the seed mode
  • seed mode "12234390434" - one can specify any long value as a seed to shuffle the methods. Use this to reproduce random failures
The default order is natural right now, but this may change in future to mitigate the randomness caused by JDK7.

branding.tokenExportedUnder Development

NbModuleSuite can now be influenced by system property branding.token. If it is provided (by Ant harness for example), it is used to call NbBundle.setBranding.

Implementation Details

Where are the sources for the module?

The sources for the module are in the Apache Git repositories or in the GitHub repositories.

What do other modules need to do to declare a dependency on this one, in addition to or instead of a plain module dependency?


Read more about the implementation in the answers to architecture questions.

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org.netbeans.modules.nbjunit/1 1.115