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RefactoringVisitor - Class in
RefactoringVisitor() - Constructor for class
RefactoringVisitor(boolean) - Constructor for class
Creates a new Refactoring Visitor.
ReplaceConstructorWithBuilderRefactoring - Class in
Replace Constructor with Builder Refactoring.
ReplaceConstructorWithBuilderRefactoring(TreePathHandle) - Constructor for class
Constructor accepts TreePathHandles representing constructor
ReplaceConstructorWithBuilderRefactoring.Setter - Class in
Setter represent one setter of Builder pattern
ReplaceConstructorWithFactoryRefactoring - Class in
Replaces public constructor with factory method.
ReplaceConstructorWithFactoryRefactoring(TreePathHandle) - Constructor for class
Constructor accepts only TreePathHandles representing constructor.
rewrite(Tree, Tree) - Method in class
rewrite(Tree, DocTree, DocTree) - Method in class
Replaces the original doctree oldTree with the new one - newTree for a specific tree.
run(WorkingCopy) - Method in class
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