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toEditorFix() - Method in class
Convert this JavaFix into the Editor Hints Fix.
toEditorSeverity() - Method in enum
transform(WorkingCopy, Occurrence) - Method in interface
Implement custom transformation of occurrence here.
TransformationSupport - Class in
Static utility classes for processing jackpot patterns.
TransformationSupport.Transformer - Interface in
Transformer callback which is called for each occurrence during processing of {@link #performTransformation(java.lang.String,, java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicBoolean)
transformTreePath(WorkingCopy, TreePath) - Method in class
Process current transformation on given treePath and performs rewrite on workingCopy.
TriggerOptions - Annotation Type in
Allows to further refine TriggerTreeKind and TriggerPattern with some options.
TriggerPattern - Annotation Type in
Find parts of the source code that satisfy the given pattern, and invoke the method that is annotated with this annotation.
TriggerPatterns - Annotation Type in
Multiple TriggerPatterns.
TriggerTreeKind - Annotation Type in
Invoke the method for TreePaths of the given kind.
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