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org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol 1.81
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hash() - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.ChicletWrapper
hashCode() - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.popupswitcher.SwitcherTableItem
Returns a hash code value for the item.
hashCode() - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.event.ArrayDiff
hashCode() - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.EqualPolygon
Computes a hashCode based on the points arrays.
hashCode() - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.TabData
Munges the text and component hash codes
hiddenToggle - Variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.GtkSlidingButtonUI
hiddenToggle - Variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.MetalSlidingButtonUI
hiddenToggle - Variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.NimbusSlidingButtonUI
hiddenToggle - Variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.WinXPSlidingButtonUI
hierarchyChanged(HierarchyEvent) - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.AbstractTabDisplayerUI.DisplayerHierarchyListener
hierarchyChanged(HierarchyEvent) - Method in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.BasicScrollingTabDisplayerUI.ScrollingHierarchyListener
hierarchyListener - Variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.AbstractTabDisplayerUI
HIGHLIGHT - Static variable in class org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.plaf.TabState
Indicates that the tab should be highlighted to draw user's attention.
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org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol 1.81