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org.openidex.util/3 3.72
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search() - Method in class
Does search.
searchFile(FileObject) - Method in interface
Answers a question whether a given file should be searched.
SearchGroup - Class in
Class which groups individual search types.
SearchGroup() - Constructor for class
SearchGroup.Factory - Interface in
Factory which creates SearchGroup.
SearchGroup.Registry - Class in
Registry which registers search group factories (SearchGroup.Factory) for search object types.
SearchHistory - Class in
Shareable search history.
SearchInfo - Interface in
Defines which DataObjects should be searched.
SearchInfo.Files - Interface in
Additionally defines which FileObjects should be searched.
SearchInfoFactory - Class in
Factory for creating SearchInfo objects.
SearchPattern - Class in
Pattern describes the search conditions
searchRoots - Variable in class
Set of nodes on which sub-system to search.
SearchType - Class in
Search type is service which provides search functionality on set of nodes.
SearchType() - Constructor for class
searchTypes - Variable in class
search types added to this search group
setLastSelected(SearchPattern) - Method in class
Use only add(SearchPattern pattern)
setSearchRootNodes(Node[]) - Method in class
Sets roots of nodes in which its interested to search.
setValid(boolean) - Method in class
Now the custonized criterion changed validity state.
SHARABILITY_FILTER - Static variable in class
filter that skips files and folders which are not sharable according to the SharabilityQuery
stopped - Variable in class
Flag indicating the search should be stopped.
stopSearch() - Method in class
Stops searching.
A C D E F G H I L O P R S T U V 
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org.openidex.util/3 3.72