Plugin Documentation

Goals available for this plugin:

Goal Description
nbm:autoupdate Create the NetBeans auto update site definition.
nbm:branding Package branding resources for NetBeans platform/IDE based application. The format of branding resources is the same as in NetBeans Ant-based projects. The src/main/nbm-branding folder of the project is assumed to contain the branding content. Within the directory, the following folder structure is assumed:
  • 1. pick the IDE/platform module which contents you want to brand. eg. org-openide-windows.jar
  • 2. locate the jar within the IDE/platform installation and it's cluster, eg. modules/org-openide-windows.jar
  • 3. create the same folder structure in src/main/nbm-branding, make folder with the module's jar name as well. eg. create folder by name modules/org-openide-windows.jar
  • 4. within that folder place your branding modifications at the same location, as if they were withn the jar, eg. org/openide/windows/ui/Bundle.properties and place the changed bundle keys there.
nbm:build-installers Build installers for Mavenized NetBeans application. Creates installers for supported operating systems and packages each installer as a deployable artifact.

See a how-to on customizing the installer.

nbm:build-mac Builds a macOS application bundle for Mavenized NetBeans application.
Creates the brandingToken.app macOS Application bundle.
nbm:cluster Create the NetBeans module clusters from reactor. Semi-deprecated; used only for standalone modules and "suites".
nbm:cluster-app Create the NetBeans module clusters/application for the 'nbm-application' packaging projects
nbm:help Display help information on nbm-maven-plugin.
Call mvn nbm:help -Ddetail=true -Dgoal=<goal-name> to display parameter details.
nbm:manifest Goal for generating NetBeans module system specific manifest entries, part of nbm lifecycle/packaging. In order to have the generated manifest picked up by the maven-jar-plugin, one shall add the following configuration snippet to maven-jar-plugin.
nbm:nbm Create the NetBeans module artifact (nbm file), part of "nbm" lifecycle/packaging.
nbm:run-ide Run NetBeans IDE with additional custom module clusters, to be used in conjunction with nbm:cluster. Semi-deprecated; used only for standalone modules and "suites".
nbm:run-platform Run a branded application on top of NetBeans Platform. To be used with projects with nbm-application packaging only and the project needs to be built first.
nbm:standalone-zip Create a standalone application out of the composed clusters of nbm-application
nbm:webstart-app Create webstartable binaries for a 'nbm-application'.

System Requirements

The following specifies the minimum requirements to run this Maven plugin:

Maven 3.6.3
JDK 1.7
Memory No minimum requirement.
Disk Space No minimum requirement.


You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:

    <!-- To define the plugin version in your parent POM -->
    <!-- To use the plugin goals in your POM or parent POM -->

For more information, see "Guide to Configuring Plug-ins"