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org.netbeans.api.progress.nb 1.73

Progress API - Swing

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Progress API - Swing 
Package Description

ProgressSwing provides part of Progress API specialized for Swing UIs.
Progress API was split so that parts that are directly connected to Swing types were migrated to this module.

What is New (see all changes)?

Use Cases

XXX no answer for arch-usecases

Exported Interfaces

This table lists all of the module exported APIs with defined stability classifications. It is generated based on answers to questions about the architecture of the module. Read them all...
Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

Implementation Details

Where are the sources for the module?

The sources for the module are in the Apache Git repositories or in the GitHub repositories.

What do other modules need to do to declare a dependency on this one, in addition to or instead of a plain module dependency?

XXX no answer for deploy-dependencies

Read more about the implementation in the answers to architecture questions.

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org.netbeans.api.progress.nb 1.73