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org.openide.util.ui 9.26
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readExternal(ObjectInput) - Method in class org.openide.util.SharedClassObject
Reads nothing from the stream.
Registry() - Constructor for class org.openide.ServiceType.Registry
rejected() - Method in interface org.openide.util.datatransfer.TransferListener
The transfer has been rejected.
remove(DataFlavor) - Method in class org.openide.util.datatransfer.ExTransferable
Remove a flavor from the supported set.
removeClipboardListener(ClipboardListener) - Method in class org.openide.util.datatransfer.ExClipboard
Remove a listener to clipboard operations.
removeNotify() - Method in class org.openide.util.SharedClassObject
Notify subclasses that the last listener has been removed from this object.
removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class org.openide.ServiceType
Remove a property change listener.
removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class org.openide.util.SharedClassObject
Removes the specified property change listener so that it no longer receives property change events from this object.
removeTransferListener(TransferListener) - Method in class org.openide.util.datatransfer.ExTransferable
Removes a listener.
replaceString(String, String, String) - Static method in class org.openide.util.Utilities
reset() - Method in class org.openide.util.SharedClassObject
Is called by the infrastructure in cases when a clean instance is requested.
round(double) - Static method in class org.openide.util.VectorIcon
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org.openide.util.ui 9.26