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org.openide.util.lookup 8.35.1
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id(T) - Method in interface org.openide.util.lookup.InstanceContent.Convertor
Computes the ID of the resulted object.
initialize() - Method in class org.openide.util.lookup.AbstractLookup
Method for subclasses to initialize them selves.
InstanceContent - Class in org.openide.util.lookup
A special content implementation that can be passed to AbstractLookup and provides methods for registration of instances and lazy instances.
InstanceContent() - Constructor for class org.openide.util.lookup.InstanceContent
Create a new, empty content.
InstanceContent(Executor) - Constructor for class org.openide.util.lookup.InstanceContent
Creates a content associated with an executor to handle dispatch of changes.
InstanceContent.Convertor<T,R> - Interface in org.openide.util.lookup
Convertor postpones an instantiation of an object.
instanceOf(Class<?>) - Method in class org.openide.util.lookup.AbstractLookup.Pair
Tests whether this item can produce object of class c.
Item() - Constructor for class org.openide.util.Lookup.Item
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org.openide.util.lookup 8.35.1

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