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scanProject(Map<String, Map<String, Class>>) - Method in class
Scan an existing (already-run) project to see if it has any new tasks/types.
setConcealedProperties(Set<? extends String>) - Method in class
Sets names of the properties whose values should not be visible to the user.
setLogger(OutputStream) - Method in class
Usage of a custom output stream is not recommended, and prevents some Ant module features from working correctly.
setPreferredName(String) - Method in class
Sets the preferred name for output windows.
setProperties(Properties) - Method in class
Set properties of Ant script execution.
setSaveAllDocuments(boolean) - Method in class
Overrides the default save all behavior.
setTabReplaceStrategy(Predicate<String>, Predicate<String>) - Method in class
Sets the output tab replacement strategy.
setUserAction(boolean) - Method in class
Marks the execution as an user action.
setVerbosity(int) - Method in class
Set verbosity of Ant script execution.
supportsText(String) - Method in class
Does this class support inserting text data?
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