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findCloneableOpenSupport() - Method in interface
Method that allows environment to find its cloneable open support.
findComponentManager(TopComponent) - Static method in class
Do not use anymore. See WindowManager.Component deprecation.
findMode(String) - Method in class
Finds mode of specified name.
findMode(TopComponent) - Method in class
Finds mode which contains specified TopComponent.
findMode(String) - Method in interface
findMode(TopComponent) - Method in interface
findTopComponent(String) - Method in class
Returns TopComponent for given unique ID.
findTopComponentGroup(String) - Method in class
Finds TopComponentGroup of given name.
findTopComponentID(TopComponent) - Method in class
Returns unique ID for specified TopComponent.
findWorkspace(String) - Method in class
Do not use. Workspaces are not supported anymore.
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