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MAIN_CLASS - Static variable in class
MainClassChooser - Class in
Browses and allows to choose a project's main class.
MainClassChooser(FileObject[]) - Constructor for class
Creates new form MainClassChooser
MainClassChooser(FileObject[], String) - Constructor for class
MainClassChooser(FileObject[], String, String) - Constructor for class
MainClassChooser(Collection<ElementHandle<TypeElement>>) - Constructor for class
MainClassChooser(Collection<ElementHandle<TypeElement>>, String) - Constructor for class
MainClassWarning - Class in
Shows a warning that no main class is set and allows choose a main class.
MainClassWarning(String, FileObject[]) - Constructor for class
Creates new form LibrariesChooser
MainClassWarning(String, Collection<ElementHandle<TypeElement>>) - Constructor for class
makeSharable() - Method in interface
Offers to make the project sharable.
MANIFEST_FILE - Static variable in class
ModuleRoots - Class in
Represents a project module roots.
moveDown(DefaultListModel, int[]) - Static method in class
Moves items down in the list.
moveUp(DefaultListModel, int[]) - Static method in class
Moves items up in the list.
MultiModuleActionProviderBuilder - Class in
A builder of ActionProvider for Multi Module project.
MultiModuleClassPathProvider - Class in
Implementation of ClassPathProvider for the Multi-Module project.
MultiModuleClassPathProvider.Builder - Class in
MultiModuleGroupQuery - Interface in
Provides module-related extended information on SourceGroup.
MultiModuleGroupQuery.Result - Class in
Describes properties of a SourceGroup related to modular structure of the project.
MultiModuleNodeFactory - Class in
Multi Module logical view content.
MultiModuleNodeFactory.Builder - Class in
A builder of the MultiModuleNodeFactory.
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